Scared Stiff

When a person doesn’t believe that God is in control of the future, you can get scared stiff! The godless are now looking at the universe and it has hit them that we are alone producing a feeling of emptiness and fear within their hearts.

Life in our universe is very rare. In fact, it is so rare that the only place that we know for it to exist is right here on planet earth. While life is extremely abundant here on earth, the universe presents itself as empty and devoid of life.

When scientists were able to actually study the other planets in our system, they found that all of the planets failed to provide an environment for life. In fact, we have discovered that all of the planets in our solar system would immediately end our life if we were to set foot on them.

Everyday we have rovers on Mars that are searching the planet looking for evidence or even the possible existence of water. Everyday the telescopes are scanning the heavens looking for another planet similar to earth where life may be able to flourish. Everyday we have people analyzing data coming from the universe trying to find possible aliens that may exist out the wide empty universe.

With so much energy and effort, it is understandable as to why the godless are scared stiff. Earth with its abundance of life is an exception in the universe rather than the norm. The evidence for the uniqueness of life is now overwhelming.

Since life is very unique and dependent on a very fragile system, how you deal with this fact informs a person about the condition of their heart which affects their motivation.

If your heart is set on that which is ultimate, then the conditions of the universe while intriguing don’t cause fear; rather, fear is replaced with faith and hope. If your heart is set on that which is material, there is absolutely no security whatsoever for your existence. This knowledge leads to fearing the future which can hamper science itself.

The left looks at the faith of those who believe in our purpose as simply a fantasy; however, these same people cannot explain what reality ultimately is made of or even how big it is. In fact, they cannot even explain how we got here or what our future destination will be. We don’t need fear; rather, we need faith in the God of creation who knows the future and has created a world that we can discover and come to know.

The faith of Christians is based on an informed faith. The fact that we are here, alive and can explore the universe gives us a unique perspective on life. Faith is not a handicap; rather, faith itself is what grounds our desire to care for our world and explore the design of the universe.

The foundation for faith is love. When a person knows the love of God, they grow to love everything that God has made and is doing. The love found in our heart causes us to care for our world. That same love causes us to enjoy the beauty of the universe as we discover its limitations.

Since we were made in the image of God, we know that we have the ability to explore our world as well as the universe. Christianity was the birth canal for science because Christians were in the process of discovering and appreciating the design that God had made.

All of the great findings in science were made by Christians in the beginning. Christians had created a stable and unique system that sought to increase our knowledge of God’s design. The Christian faith itself drove the enterprise even when theologians may have disagreed with some of their findings.

When you look at the universe, are you scared stiff or does your faith grow? It would seem to me that the correct way to approach our world is in faith rather than with fear. Faith leads to great discoveries and the ability to see into and beyond the mechanism of the universe.

Since we know that our solar system is dying, we all know that the earth will eventually end; however, does the end scare you or does it inspire you? The godless are scared stiff; however, Christians are inspired as we seek to know the home that God has created for us. We know that our inspiration is guided by our hope in the only One who made it all for us to enjoy with Him.