A Cloud for Mom

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Floating on a cloud of God’s love is wonderful. Love is from God and I really can’t stop loving because it is God who loves you through me. His love is really beyond my control and I can’t stop it. God’s love is like a spring in the midst of a desert whose source has no end.

When you love someone with God’s love, you always end up giving them God’s Word so that they will know His love. Of course, selfish people will sometimes take offense to His Word; however, the person who knows love can’t stop loving and enjoys listening. A person who floats on the cloud of God’s love is always hoping and praying that others will enjoy the life that only God’s love brings.

God’s love brings peace as well as patience. His love also brings true Joy in your life that no one can take away. I guess that is why I can ignore negative comments. I float on a cloud as though I were in heaven.

When you float on a cloud, all negative comments seem like arrows that can never pierce the clouds. I am floating too high, “Ha, you can’t get me!!”

I can see everyone who walks on the earth without God’s love and it breaks my heart. I know why many have so much anger and bitterness. Fly away with me to the heavens on a cloud that was made just for you.

If I look at the world from heaven’s perspective, I feel sorry for all those who don’t know His love. I wish everyone knew His love. Then they could float with me in the clouds on their cloud and enjoy the love of God with me.

Floating through life on a cloud of God’s love is such a wonderful way to live. I hope you have found your cloud. I wish I could give you a cloud for your birthday; however, every person’s cloud comes from within. Float away with me forever as we enter the Kingdom full of His Glory and Love.

Don’t focus on your earthly desires as they bring unhappiness. Focus on the love of God that causes you to see beyond this life to our eternal joy with our Saviour. A cloud is waiting for you and God will cause your mind to see the heavenly abode where you will find eternal rest, love and joy forever.

Floating above life rather than being dragged down by life is a benefit that comes from God’s love. Will you float on a cloud of God’s love and enjoy the life that God wants for you?