Life Story

My children are the best kids in the world. We fill our home with love and enjoy every minute that we have with them. We share their successes and failures and place our faith in our God who will guide their future.

I was speaking to Kara the other day which was very insightful.

Kara was talking about a friend of hers at church.

Kara said, ”He is my best friend.”

Dad: “Kara, I thought I was your best friend?”

Kara: “You are my best friend too. Boys are my best friends.”

Dad: “What about mommy?

Kara: “She is my best friend too.

Dad: “What about Kate and London?”

Kara: “They are my best friends too. Everyone is my best friend.”

Dad: Well, can you tell me who your best, best friend is?”

Kara looked at me very seriously and said, ”God is my best, best friend.”

I wasn’t expecting that answer from her at all. My little daughter knows who her best, best friend is and she is only four. I guess a four year old knows more about God than some adults I know.

Don’t let Dawkins know this because he believes sharing your faith and values with your children is child abuse. Dawkins doesn’t value relationships anyway so I can see why he says crazy stuff like that. When you know the love of God, you value all people and all relationships; however, the greatest relationship involves knowing the love of God in your life!