Is Global Warming Real?

Is Global warming taking place? When this debate was in play, I was inclined to believe in the concept of global warming. Global warming fits the model and provides a basis for the Biblical catastrophic environmental changes that will take place in the end times.

After learning how the concept of global warming was also being used as a pretext for justification of the one world government, it really seemed to fit into the Biblical predictions regarding the last days.

The idea of global warming also would fit the cosmological argument that affirms the existence of God based on a past cause of the universe. A universe would be created for a reason and have a purpose. The purpose of the creation could then be used to make predictions regarding the end.

The cosmological argument combined with future predictions that are in the process of coming true provide a solid argument for the existence of God. The Biblical prediction is that we would discover that the earth is passing away.

The Bible affirms repeatedly that a new earth will someday be made. John affirms that the earth will pass away,

Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea. Revelations 21:1

The prophet Isaiah in the Old Testament confirms that the earth will eventually pass away,

For behold I create new heavens, and a new earth: and the former things shall not be in remembrance, and they shell not come upon the heart. Isaiah 65:17

Even Jesus himself said,

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”

The wisdom of Scripture once again goes beyond the scientific knowledge of their day. How did Isaiah, John and Jesus know that the earth would in fact pass away at some point in the future?

Experience as a guide for the writers would tell them that the earth was created to exist forever; however, the Word of God is not a natural production. The Bible is the Word of God with God being the Creator knowing His own purposes for the Creation itself. God’s knowledge goes beyond that of the writers.

The concept of global warming seems to fit the paradigm. The paradigm appears to have taken a set back in the release of recent e-mails showing how scientist manipulated, suppressed, and even destroyed data that was related to the research.

Is global warming taking place? We don’t know because all the so-called evidence has now been called into question due to the corruption of the whole scientific enterprise. Is anyone really surprised that non-moral people being Darwinians have engaged in such conduct?

I think the lesson coming out of Climategate is that we can’t trust science. We can’t trust anything else that has not been clearly demonstrated for the entire world to see which includes Darwinian evolution. The secrecy, money and politics involved are capable of corrupting the whole process. Of course, I have known this corruption has been going on for some time because of my experience with scholarship.

In order to really engage in science you have to have morality. You cannot put non-moral people such as Darwinians in charge of an activity that requires morality. Christianity was the birth canal of science for a reason because science requires honesty; however, Darwinians have repeatedly proven themselves incapable of being objective with the data which has corrupted the whole scientific enterprise itself.

I think it is about time that science stop censoring dissenting viewpoints and start being open to all possibilities that have not been demonstrated. Intelligent design is just one example that is clearly valid as science; however, Darwinians who control the scientific enterprise are censoring their arguments from going through an honest peer-review. In fact, Darwinians don’t even allow their own theories to undergo peer-review because they exclude those who disagree with them. This censorship corrupts the whole process.

The Darwinians have been censoring and manipulating data for some time and it is time to return to inclusion, openness and honesty by allowing Christians back into the process who disagree with Darwinians basic belief system. Darwinians engage in propaganda all the time. Climategate should be enough to convince us all that it is time to remove them from power and put Christians who understand morality back in charge of the debate.